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The Black Bug Room appears in universe 616 of Marvel Comics as a manifested psychic hell created by the Mummadrai Cassandra Nova / Infinite gravity, touching compression, no rest, sweating on the subway, freezing to metal / Teeming void, fuzzy blackness, intrusive swarm, worminess, seep / Harsh light, raking light, rare light, laser chiaroscuro / There is always a wound and the wound is not archetypal (boy gets his heart torn out, girl gets her throat cut, boy gets his head cut off, girl's teeth are taken, etc.) / In George Romero's Land of the Dead, one zombie grabs a guy's forefinger and middle finger and another zombie grabs his ring finger and pinky and they rip his arm in half lengthwise and that really made me sick / (these are photo-realistic drawings- 'what you see is what you'll get') / Some pain, mostly damage, the damage is permanent, we do not heal, we never die, we do not heal / A Gom Jabar that never ends / A way in – Vijay Mishra's The Gothic Sublime describes recentering the focus of the sublime on entombment, rot, fallen dynasties, permanence / A way in- my favorite Magic: the Gathering deck was a green and black Golgari deck that abused the graveyard as a renewable resource / Maybe a way out? -“we're going to the white hot room” - Jean Grey, Pheonix of the Crown.