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The Overseers are causing problems / The black lace is an incursion / I grew up in the desert, and every few years every cactus would get a disease. They grew string fungus (I'm not positive it was fungus) and the strings drooped into the dirt and spread. The blank desert would be covered in string / Thats what the black lace is, except it hurts to touch, and the Overseers are growing it on purpose / I think they are unnamable / If ghosts, or aliens, or gods exist then The Rules are fundamentally null / I imagine them as holograms sometimes / They cast spells / If you look at their eye portal camera while walking towards them, things happen / It is important that they affect the audience biologically as well as aesthetically / The spells are bad / Just as an experiment, please assume that when I say that the paintings are realistic and that the spells can really hurt you, I am telling the truth / The only monsters that scare me are Lovecraftian / They aren't evil or illustratively scary (they might even be hokey), but they are incomprehensible / Arbitrary things scare me: going crazy, getting sick, getting hit by a strike from a predator drone / Ludwig Wittgenstein thought that even if a lion could speak (perfect English) we wouldn't understand it.